Company P.P.H.U Pab-Katmar has been present on Polish textile market since 1995. Our main business is production and selling of 100% cotton fabrics such as :

  • gauze cotton fabrics,
  • flanell cotton fabtics and
  • bed sheetings

We are selling above mentioned fabrics both on Polish market and also on foreign markets. Fabrics produced by us are made of highest quality raw materials.
Quality, workmanship precision combined with steady monitoring at each stage of production process as well as attractive design, have been acknowledged by granting our company a certificate „SAFE for the BABY”.
Since our fabrics are first of all designed for baby nappies and bed sheetings we do take particular care to make them hypoallergic.
Worth mentioning is that Pab-Katmar doesnot deal with sales and/or marketing of imported fabrics. The whole production process as well as fabrics bleaching take place in our company.
Fabrics bleaching technology applied by us is a preferential method named in reference document relating to BAT (best available technologies for textile industry) and is recommended by European Commission. The above provides a guarantee that our products are typical Polish and at the same time are safe for the babies and their sensitive skin. It also features our company out of other manufacturers of similar fabrics as well as gives us sense of individuality.
Pab-Katmar continously makes outlays and new investments aimed at upgrading its machinery park so that we could better and quicker respond to everchanging fashion and thus to expectations and requirements of our customers.
Only during this year we have put in motion our own fabrics printing unit which is equipped with modern, brand new 8 colors rotary printer. In this way the whole production process starting from weaving followed by beaching and ending up with printing takes place in our company possitively affecting high quality of all our products.
In recognition of our endeavours aimed at perfection and further production developement Pab-Katmar is honoured on regular basis with title of „Business Gazalle„ in the periodic contest editions organized by Pulse of Business (Puls Biznesu). As a results of investments and outlays made by our company we could include in our current offer new service i.e fabrics printing.